What is your “Perfect Day”?

Chair on the beachI came across this “Perfect Day” exercise last year – not sure who it originated with, but it was in an email newsletter I received & so I copied it into a notepad file on my mac with the intention of doing it myself someday. Well that was almost a year ago (as per the date when the file was created). It doesn’t seem like that long ago, which just goes to show how necessary the exercise really is.

Here is what I extracted from the email:

This is called the Perfect Day Exercise. It’s a preparation for living your life according to your highest heavenly vision.

If you could have an entire day filled with nothing but your most inspiring activities and dreams, what would it look like? Sit down with your journal and write out your perfect day exactly as you would most love it to be.

Schedule an entire 24 hours from the moment you wake up, whether it be 4am or noon. Have the sleep you want, see the sunrise or sunset from some beautiful place, eat the perfect breakfast, meditate, run, swim, exercise, study, have a massage, garden, dance, write, sing, travel, teach, serve, work, consult, speak, make love, dream, play …. this is your day. Whatever that perfect day is for you, map it out, pick a date, commit to doing it, and then go fulfil it.

First plan it for once a year, and once you’ve done that and realized it’s possible, raise the number to four times a year – once a season. Then go to once a month, and then work toward having a perfect day every single week. Increase the frequency until eventually almost every day of your life is lived in accord with your dreams.

Let yourself go with this exercise. It’s an amazing opportunity to think about what you love doing, and then to find out you have the capacity to make it happen. This is a day dedicated to doing exactly what your heart would love. If you don’t schedule it, who will?

That last sentence is spot on – “If you don’t schedule it, who will?” Every time I have opened up my notepad files, this exercise has been staring me in the face & every time and have pushed it aside thinking I didn’t have the time to put into it.

hammockThen a few weeks ago I listened to a teleseminar with Wayne Dyer where he said that each day he swims, meditates, goes for a walk on the beach, does Bikram Yoga and writes – that sounded fantastic and I seeings I had a holiday in Byron Bay coming up, I thought that would be the perfect time to implement my “Perfect Day”

Well with one week down & only one to go before I leave Byron Bay, I still haven’t written out my vision of my Perfect Day – it’s almost as if I don’t feel like I deserve to have a full day to myself exactly the way I want it and other things (seemingly more important things) are getting in the way of writing it all down & then living it.

Even this afternoon when I had the opportunity to think about just this exercise, my mind was having a hard time staying on the task of creating my perfect day – flitting about, thinking about other things I needed to be doing. Even when I was maintaining some semblance of focus on the exercise, it was then a case of “what was the ‘perfect’ order of things to do for that day. Somehow I think I had missed the point – rather than thinking about what were the “right” things to be doing, I needed to think about what I really wanted to do. Is this just me? Or is it a “mum” thing – where we put everyone else first & have forgotten what it’s like to just think about what we would like to do?

Then other variables arise – my ideal day would be different depending on:

Where I am living

The time of year (season)

my level of health & wellbeing

my financial status

and, there are some things that I wouldn’t do every day, maybe only once a week – so then do I create an “ideal week”?

Aaargh – I think that I am “thinking it through” too much & need to just start on the exercise and make this day happen before my holiday is over.

So what is your “Perfect Day”?

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