Finding the direction that's right for you

Finding the direction that's right for you

As a parent, there are three big areas that have the potential to cause major stress in your life:

  • How you and/or your partner earn money
  • How you raise your child (or children)
  • How you look after the health and well-being of your family (including yourself)

These areas also happen to be the areas that create the strongest opinions on “the right way” of doing these things. While this “right way” may work well for some people, for you it may feel uncomfortable and you just don’t know why.

Feeling fulfilled in your everyday life,being in good health and raising happy, healthy children is not simply a matter of following what everyone else does, or reading the latest best-selling book. It involves becoming informed and discovering what works for you.

We think what is at the heart of your dilemma is something that is at the heart of almost all dilemmas, and that is finding your own guidance and feeling confident in finding it. It’s alright for you to choose things that are different from what others are choosing. But you have to decide that it is alright. And you have to develop your own relationship with your own guidance, otherwise you’re upside down and all around, you’re sort of lost in the confusion of all of it.

Abraham (23rd Feb 2002)