Confessions of a Money “Try-Hard”

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be totally in control of your finances? Where the money you earned (whatever amount that may be), was enough to keep you on a path toward your definition of financial freedom? I have to be honest – I’ve been struggling with my finances for years.…
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What is your “Perfect Day”?

I came across this “Perfect Day” exercise last year – not sure who it originated with, but it was in an email newsletter I received & so I copied it into a notepad file on my mac with the intention of doing it myself someday. Well that was almost a year ago (as per the…
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Winter has arrived in Melbourne – time to move North

Wow – the cold wintry weather has really hit Melbourne and there is still another month before winter officially starts. Another 6.30am training session this morning – all was ok when I got out of bed (apart from extreme tiredness after only 5 hours of sleep), but when I got outside (my personal training sessions…
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Time to myself

I’ve made something miraculous happen this morning – I’m on my own, in a cafe just me and my macbook pro, writing (and I’ve got a coffee too – bliss). This is the first time since my baby Daniel was born (May 2008) that I have made the opportunity for myself to have some time…
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Scared to take the next step?

I’ve been talking (with my husband & family) for a while of doing something different with my life – something a bit daring (for me anyway) and now that the opportunity has finally presented itself, I’m a little scared to take that next step. The lead up to the “shakeup” The lease on our townhouse…
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Making Changes

Have you ever wanted to make a change in your life but didn’t know where to start? If you’re feeling like this right now then join the club, because I am itching to make some big changes in my life and while ever I stay where I am, I feel frustrated, and sometimes even angry,…
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