Who Are the Experts in Parenting/Mothering?

I was participating in a conversation on Facebook this morning where a friend asked what questions would you ask of a parenting/mothering “expert”. The word “expert” brought up some strong emotions in some of the commenters, even though I don’t think that was the focus of the original question. Admittedly, I think that word expert…
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Schooling is top of mind at the moment. Call me crazy but I really think that sending my child to a regular school, even though it would give me time during the day to pursue my own interests, is not on the cards for us. The only sane reasoning I can see for making such…
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Is my child a bully, or just standing up for himself?

I expect that this post will ruffle a few feathers, but one of the reasons why I don’t post that often is because every time I sit to write something, I’ve been afraid to ruffle feathers or say the wrong thing. So baby steps for me in speaking up more. When I studied for my…
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Motherhood – A Fine Balancing Act

Every day for me is a new day to aim for reaching that much sought after balance between being a great Mum and wife and fulfilling my own needs for self expression and achievement. Unlike other bloggers who seem to be able to maintain the discipline of writing articles (even multiple articles) every day, my…
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Should Both Parents be at Home?

In my last post on “Housewife Superstars” I shared my beliefs about mums being at home with their children – I am aware that not all share this belief – each to his (or her) own – whatever works for you. This is simply my belief based on what I have experienced in my life.…
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Is being a "Housewife Superstar" all cupcakes and roses?

While doing my “Housewifey” thing today & cooking up a few meals for the coming week, I watched a great article on 60 minutes called “Housewife Superstars”. (Don’t be fooled, I don’t usually cook on a Sunday for the week to come – it’s something I’d like to get into the habit of doing more frequently…
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