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SyringeUnless you live in a cave (in which case you probably wouldn’t be reading this), news of the “swine flu pandemic” seems to be the hot topic of the moment. We’re being told by health authorities that a vaccine doesn’t yet exist for the swine flu, only for the regular flu and the avian flu (remember that one from a few years back – not quite the epidemic the health authorities were predicting), so if it were to increase in Australia, the solution being promoted is anti viral drugs, until a specific vaccine can be created (not an overnight process).

I’m really interested to know what your thoughts are on the whole vaccination issue – it’s a very emotive topic and one that polarises people quite drastically. Are you a believer or not?

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And of course, your comments below are always welcome – please share your views.

Update: 1st August 2009

I’ve moved the from the sidebar to this post – you can view the results by clicking on the “view results” link  – interesting spread of results.

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  1. No good can come from injecting yourself with animal DNA and toxic chemicals. I started a blog after my infant and I were injured by vaccines in 2007. I am not only supplying information about vaccines, but detailing his journey of recovery from Autism.

    Nobody in my family will be touched by another vaccine again.

    Dawn’s last blog post..Death by Vaccination and Insurance Coverage

  2. My previously healthy oldest son had a reaction to his MMR vaccine and became asthmatic and allergic practically overnight. It went on for several years. When I realized that the vaccine preceded his downhill plummet, I then began to do what I should have done before vaccinating–research.

    After 16 years of it, I firmly believe vaccines are very dangerous. Each and every one carries the risk of death and none are guaranteed to work. It is playing Russian Roulette every time a vaccine is given.

    My unvaccinated children are far healthier than my vaccinated ones. Clearly vaccines are not critical for good health, and in fact, compromise it. That is opposite from what is sold to us.

    • Hi Dawn,

      I’m sorry to hear that you were injured by the vaccine – I believe more people need to be speaking about their experiences, it’s the only way others will become aware of the dangers of vaccines.

      Before you were vaccinated, had you done any research or were you given any information about the dangers of vaccination?

      Once you had the adverse reaction, where did you start doing your research?


      • Hi Winnie,

        Do you think there is a way to get the information out to people in a way that they will believe and take notice without having to be affected by an adverse event?


        • Unfortunately I didn’t do any research on vaccines until after my son and I had our reactions. When he was born I was simply given a pretty booklet that was from the Center for Disease Control which outlines vaccines as safe and effective. After our ordeal, I then began to read the package inserts supplied by the vaccine manufacturers and realized more can happen than just a swollen leg or slight fever! I also realized that an infant can get the same dose as an adult depending upon the vaccine and that my premature baby was an experiment! The vaccine manufacturers state that studies have only been done on babies 6 weeks of age or older, but in the same paragraph they advise the doctor to administer to premature babies according to their birthdate, not due date. I have been researching vaccines and disease now for over a year. I will never stop learning. The more I learn, the more angry and sickened I become.

          Dawn’s last blog post..Death by Vaccination and Insurance Coverage

          • Hi Jim,

            Have you had a doctor take you up on that offer yet? I would imagine not.

            Helena 🙂

          • Hi Dawn,
            I really appreciate you sharing your story. It’s only through sharing these types of first hand experiences that more people will discover the information they need to make an informed decision.

            Helena 🙂

  3. Here is a reminder from Dr Lanka. “Those side effects which are noted on the instruction slips accompanying packages of Tamiflu are almost identical to the symptoms of serious influenza. Thus, on a large scale, medicines are now being stored which cause precisely the same symptoms as those which appear in an actual so-called influenza. If Tamiflu is administered to sick persons, then this is likely to cause far more serious symptoms than those of a serious influenza. If a pandemic is stated to exist, then many people will take this medicine at the same time. In that case we will actually have unequivocal symptoms of a Tamiflu epidemic. Then deaths caused by Tamiflu are to be expected, and this will then be presented as evidence of the dangerous nature of the bird (or now swine) flu.”
    My son was brain-injured from the first (delayed) vaccine he had at 6 months. I’m like the previous writers – didn’t do the research. Reading the package inserts is quite an education. So is reading the Physicians Desk Reference. Nowadays dr’s only need to know how to read their PDR before reaching for the Rx pad. Omitted that particular vaccine for second son so he got monovalent measles vaccine at 13 months. Within a week he had his first illness, an asthma attack. No more vaccines for them or us. If I add our family’s total years it comes to 176 years. Add up the flu jabs taken in ignorance – 2, and the number of flus? 4, 3 of which were in the vaccinated.

  4. jim okelly says:

    My daughter was injured by the smallpox vaccine in the late sixtys. I had no clue of any possible dangers. Today 40 years later I have a standing offer to any Allopath that I will pay $2000.oo for proof that any vaccine can prevent any disease. I make it easy. Self injection with the polio vaccine. If no polio developes in three months, prove that the vaccine was the reason the polio did not develope.


    • Hi Mara,

      It would be interesting if all parents were given the vaccine package inserts to read to help them in their decision whether or not to vaccinate.
      And your comment from Dr Lanka certainly provides food for though – thankyou for sharing it.


  5. I am a non-vaxing mom to two beautiful boys, and my decision to not vaccinate came after intense
    research into the subject when I was pregnant with my first son. I had decided
    to research the subject so intensely because of personal experiences (please
    notice the “s” on that… plural).

    1. When I was a child, I was given the MMR vaccine. Within minutes of receiving the injections, I had an anaphylactic reaction. I remember thinking, even as a child, that something was wrong
    with the shot, as the reaction was almost immediate, and very violent. I
    was subsequently diagnosed with chronic asthma, after not having a single
    respiratory problem in my life prior to the jab.

    2. Eight year ago, a friend of mine took her two-year-old, very energetic,
    loving, lively son in for his routine checkup, where they gave him his
    “shots” on-schedule. MMR was one of the many shots given that day. Within 12
    hours, her son was having seizures, for which she called the doctor. The
    doctor said this was a “normal” reaction, and told her to give him Tylenol
    to help him “sleep it off”. Her son, as we all knew him, never came back to
    her after that day. He’s trapped, to this day, in a body damaged by the very
    vaccines that were supposed to protect him.

    3. Five years ago my best friend’s seven-year-old daughter went in for her
    routine checkup, wherein she was given a round of vaccines. I’m not sure of
    everything she was given, except I know the chicken pox vaccine was in the
    mix, as her father had never had the chicken pox and was being forced to
    stay away from her for 21 days so he would not contract the disease. It was
    several vaccines all at once, though. That night she developed a
    severe (105+) fever. When the doctor was called (they always tell you to
    call, not come in, if a reaction occurs… WHY?? I’m guessing it’s because
    they know a reaction is probable and don’t want their practice swarmed by
    parents seeking more help for the children they just poisoned, but who
    really knows.), his response was, again, that this is a normal reaction, and
    told Mom to give her Tylenol to bring down the fever and help her “sleep it
    off”. She progressively got worse over the next 24 hours, until Mom finally
    took her to Urgent Care, where she started seizing and then went into coma.
    An ambulance was called, and she was transported to the ER. She was
    diagnosed with Type I diabetes… in essence, the vaccines had attacked and
    killed her pancreas. The doctor said this is a “rare side effect” to
    vaccine, but it DOES happen. I watched alongside my best friend as that
    little girl lay in a coma for four days, helpless and near death, because of
    the very vaccine that was designed to protect her. Today that
    twelve-year-old girl has to inject herself with insulin five times a day…

    4. A couple of months before my first son was born, another friend of mine
    took her healthy two-month-old in for his recommended shots, to keep him on
    schedule. He was injected, sent home, and within a few hours developed a
    severe fever. Again, Mom was told to give him Tylenol. Within a couple of
    hours of onset of fever, he started seizing. Doc was called again, and again
    told Mom this is a “normal reaction” to the shots, and to just put him to
    bed and let him “sleep it off”. Within 12 hours after receiving the
    vaccination, 9-1-1 was called; their son was dead when the paramedics got
    there. Not just harmed… DEAD. Diagnosis? SIDS — but only after having to
    endure a lengthy investigation for child abuse (specifically “Shaken Baby
    Syndrome”). They were not even allowed to grieve for their child in
    peace… Interesting medical article, “Multiple Vaccinations and The
    Shaken Baby Syndrome”,

    ALL of these incidents either happened to me personally or to someone I was
    very close with personally. It happened over a wide spread number of years,
    and it made me go “hmm… what’s wrong with this picture?” If incidents like
    these was so prevalent among the few people I actually knew on a very
    personal level at the time, then just how wide spread are these types of
    things? So before my son was born, I decided to investigate the rate of
    vaccine injuries for myself, and was astonished. I am still amazed that
    BigPharma is allowed to continue to use our children as guinea pigs,
    injecting them with toxin after toxin, after toxin. And not only can they
    do this legally, but they are given immunity from being held accountable
    when a child is injured or dies.

    After being ridiculed, shunned and called everything from irresponsible to
    being accused of neglect by family, friends and the medical community, I’ve
    made vaccine awareness my personal platform, and want to do anything I can
    to bring the real truth to the forefront of everyone’s minds. I believe every parent on this earth
    should be given *true* informed consent and time to read at least the package insert and do investigation on their own before each and every vaccine is adminstered.

  6. Sue Broad says:

    Hey Helena,

    I’ve had more vaccinations than most but am still a believer that there is a lot of $$ driving the ‘scientific evidence’ in the medical world, so we need people like you to give balance and present opposing views.

    When I was vaccinated I was an adult going to work with wildlife in Asia, but I remember that for the 3 months I was undergoing the various vaccinations I felt unwell, my arm was swollen, red and hot, and after some vaccinations I was made to wait in the Dr’s waiting room after the vaccination to make sure I didn’t go into anaphylactic shock! It certainly made me question what I was putting my body through and the potential adverse reactions I could have faced. It also made me question how well a baby’s system can cope with vaccinations when I as an adult had a hard time dealing with it.

    The media portrays those who are anti vaccination as ill informed. From my experience and having family who have chosen not to vaccinate, I think they tend to be more informed, as generally they have put time and effort into researching their decision and opinion, whereas those who vaccinate often accept the advice to vaccinate without question (as I did).

    So keep up being the voice that questions!

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