Winter has arrived in Melbourne – time to move North

Winter snowWow – the cold wintry weather has really hit Melbourne and there is still another month before winter officially starts.

Another 6.30am training session this morning – all was ok when I got out of bed (apart from extreme tiredness after only 5 hours of sleep), but when I got outside (my personal training sessions are at my local park) it was only 7°C – very cold. It helps to keep visualising the amazing body I’m going to have in the coming months – my perfect beach body (what’s perfect for me – not anyone else).

With the cold weather starting already, it’s reminding me of my goal to move somewhere warm and sunny by the beach. I think the weather really has a big impact on my moods and how I’m feeling. When the sun is shining and it’s warm, all is good. As soon as the sun disappears behind the clouds, and the temperature falls, so does the mood. I’m going to write this off to a post-baby hormonal imbalance because I don’t recall being affected to this extent by the weather.

Over the last month since coming up with the idea to move, I have done a little pendulum swing between yes let’s go and no let’s stay here. Have you ever experienced this when you’ve set a goal? There are days when all I see are the obstacles in the way and how it all seems too hard and easier just to stay in my “comfort zone”. Except that now the wintry weather has really set in, the “comfort zone” is not so comfortable now. And that’s a good thing because I really do want to live by the beach with lots of warm sunshine.

When the desire is born, right away you start counting yourselves a failure, because you’ve got this desire that hasn’t been satisfied. Know that you never get it done! And since you never get it done, it’s time to stop being unhappy about what’s undone, because most of it is undone! You are an eternal being. Most of it is undone. Instead of taking score about what’s been achieved — we want you to start feeling anticipation about what is still to arrive…

Jerry and Esther Hicks

Then there are other days where I’m focused and can see the target very clearly – these are the days I want to hang on to, one, because I feel great on those days and two, because the obstacles seem trivial and very easy to overcome. And as in the quote above, when I see the target clearly, I really do enjoy feeling that anticipation of living on a warm, sunny beach.

All I need to do is keep picturing that beach. 🙂

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