Stack of booksSchooling is top of mind at the moment. Call me crazy but I really think that sending my child to a regular school, even though it would give me time during the day to pursue my own interests, is not on the cards for us.

The only sane reasoning I can see for making such a decision is based on recent (last 10 years) happenings and how they have impacted the way I look at life.

A long time ago I had a little baby. When she was only 6 months old she suddenly and unexpectedly became unwell. The next 7 months of her life and her subsequent sudden and unexpected death destroyed my faith in the medical profession forever. It also permanently altered  my belief in all things mainstream. I am now skeptical about doing anything that is advocated as the “normal” way to do it. I also question when I hear such things as “but that’s how everyone does it”. Just because everyone does it a particular way, doesn’t automatically mean it’s right.

This way of thinking led to my next child being born at home with a midwife as our birth attendant rather than a doctor, no vaccinations, and a homeopath as our first port of call when somebody in the family is unwell.

My little boy, who is almost 3 is active, boisterous, strong-willed and very friendly with everyone he meets (he says hello to every person we pass when we go for walks on the beach). And my husband and I have decided that we are going to homeschool him.

We decided years ago that we liked the idea of homeschooling – after a trip to Europe – the idea of travelling and learning about the world first hand seemed so natural and fun – why be subjected to sitting in a classroom for 12 years just because that’s the way it’s “supposed” to be done.

In years gone by, children were tutored at home either by themselves or with siblings or neighbours. It seems unnatural to divide children into classes based on their age because children learn at different speeds and are drawn to different subjects.

Sitting children in a classroom for 30+ weeks a year for 12 years indoctrinates them to be the ideal candidate for a world where you go to a job Monday to Friday and think that is normal. 12 years at school, 4-6 years at University, 40 years in a job, when does that leave you with time to actually live your life and enjoy it?

That’s not the kind of life I want for my child. I want my little boy to continue to embrace life with all the enthusiasm he has shown so far.

So in keeping with my penchant for alternatives, I’m really interested in un-schooling – although I’d prefer to use a term such as “child-led learning” and I just discovered this great site about un-schooling at “Why Unschool“, written by two people who were unschooled themselves.

But if you want something really eye-opening, then here is a great video to leave you with a different perspective to schooling:

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About Helena

Helena is a stay at home Mum to one funny, intelligent and very curious little boy. Helena & her husband are working towards creating a location independent lifestyle that will enable their family to homeschool, travel and experience the world together.


  1. Hey SITSah! How funny I just watched a RSAnimate video on another blog about motivation. Interesting way of doing things, huh? Looking forward to browsing around the blog. My husband and I have decided to homeschool, but our daughter is still a toddler, so I’m gathering up all the homeschooling blogs I can find for ideas later!
    Lindsey Whitney´s last blog post ..Build a Better Blog- Hunt for Dead Links

    • Hello to you too – thanks for coming over to visit 🙂

      Yes, the video was quite interesting, I came across it on an unschooling page on facebook.

      My little boy is just about to turn 3, so still time as you say to gather up information on how it will all work – different rules & regulations depending on where you live. I’ve been reading about different Moms’ experiences on The Pioneer Woman. Good to have a network of support 🙂

  2. I loved your post – thank you! I’m doing research on homeschooling and unschooling and came across your blog. The video is really amazing – opened my eyes to a lot – I feel like I finally understand why I have felt uneasy about public schools for a long time. My kids just finished grades 2 and 4 and we have made the decision to homeschool as of now. They are both really excited and so am I. I am finally in a place in my life where I am excited too – the journey has been interesting thus far. I look forward to poking around your other posts and I’m so glad I stumbled onto here!

    • Hi Kasia,

      That is so exciting for you and your family to be starting on the homeschooling journey. My son is 4 now & we have decided unschooling is the way to go for us (with some travel thrown in for added excitement & learning).

      I’m not posting on this site anymore – I’m starting a new site at which will be launching in September – I’d love it if you could head over there & leave your details to be notified when the site goes live. It’s going to be all about our unschooling journey.

      Thanks for visiting 🙂

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