Who Are the Experts in Parenting/Mothering?

I was participating in a conversation on Facebook this morning where a friend asked what questions would you ask of a parenting/mothering “expert”. The word “expert” brought up some strong emotions in some of the commenters, even though I don’t think that was the focus of the original question. Admittedly, I think that word expert…
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Are Vaccines "Dangerous" and "Ineffective"?

Vaccination seems to be a hot topic at the moment, so while the interest is there, I’ll continue to share (that rhymes). Another article I saw tweeted recently shared some interesting snippets about vaccination. The article “Historical Facts Exposing the Dangers and Ineffectiveness of Vaccines” is from the website Vaccination Debate. (As with all of…
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Vaccination – The Right to Choose

Here in Australia we have a current affairs program on Sunday evening on the Seven network called “Sunday Night” – a little like 60 Minutes. This past Sunday their was an article on Vaccinations, sparked by the death of 4 week old baby Dana, who reportedly died of whooping cough. Channel 7 was inundated with…
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Vaccination Poll – Your Views

Unless you live in a cave (in which case you probably wouldn’t be reading this), news of the “swine flu pandemic” seems to be the hot topic of the moment. We’re being told by health authorities that a vaccine doesn’t yet exist for the swine flu, only for the regular flu and the avian flu…
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